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Why does Forever Puppies, LLC put polish on the puppies toes? ​​​​​​​

In the 21 years we have been in business we have had SEVERAL people run off with our puppies without paying. We have ALWAYS apprehended them before they get away but it’s our word against theirs. The offenders take off the puppy clothes, necklaces or collars/harnesses and say, it’s their dog. 

We have helplessly watched the police let these people drive away with a puppy they just stole from us because we could not prove he/she was ours. 

So some time ago, we started painting their toenails so we can say to the police officer “That woman is in possession of our brown Chihuahua with gold toenails” it’s much harder for them remove polish on the run than it is to take off a collar and a shirt. 

You may think it’s “crazy” but it works! Since we started using Pet Head Polish for Dogs, we have always been able to prove ownership of our puppies and have not had a single one stolen, it is now our policy for every pup to have a polish identifier. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets you asside from other, traditional "Pet Shops"?

What makes us different than other pet stores you may have been to or read about, is that all of our puppies are raised by us at our home. Most pet stores are not family owned and get their puppies delivered to them from breeders all over the country, making it very difficult to know much about the pup and the conditions he was raised in. Our customers have access to pictures and videos of our kennel so you can rest assured that your puppy came from a loving and healthy home. 

Can I see my new baby's mommy and daddy?

We only bring the puppies who are for sale to our shop. However, customer in the shop have access to a virtual tour of our kennel and pictures of the mommies and daddies.​​​​​​​

What happens to the puppies you don't sell?

We get asked this question more than you'd think and the answer is, we have never NOT sold a puppy.  We will keep a puppy for as long as it takes to get him/her a home. We often work with families budgets to make sure every puppy gets its forever home. 

Are your puppies health certified?

Absolutely! Florida Statute 828.29 mandates that any puppy sold, must have valid a health certificate from a licensed veterinarianThe certificate is valid for 30 days, if our puppies do not find their forever home within 30 days, they will return to the veterinarian and be re-examined and re-certified. If at that time they are old enough for their rabies shot, they will get it.